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Solar Panda Power Systems

We build better futures by building affordable, high quality home solar systems.

Solar Panda Home Kit

Solar Panda Home Kit

  • 4 bright LED lights
  • Radio
  • Torch
  • Portable lantern
  • 6-in-1 phone charging cable
  • Control unit with long-lasting battery
  • 12W solar panel
Solar Panda TV

Solar Panda TV

TV Premium Kit

  • 32” high definition colour TV with remote control
  • TV antenna or satellite dish
  • 6 bright LED lights
  • Radio
  • Torch
  • Portable lantern
  • 6-in-1 phone charging cable
  • Control unit with premium battery
  • 40W solar panel

TV Upgrade Kit

(available for customers of the Home Kit)

  • 24” high definition colour TV and remote control
  • TV antenna
  • TV power pack
  • 25W solar panel

Lease to Own

We offer our products on a pay-as-you-go payment plan so that families of all financial means can afford and access electricity. Customers make a small deposit and install their system, followed by daily, weekly or monthly mobile money payments for the remainder of their loan. Each payment provides a code that unlocks their unit until the next payment is due.

How It Works

Customer makes a small deposit and takes the kit home.

Customer installs it following easy instructions.

Customer receives 7 days of free power to get them started.

Customer sends payment to Solar Panda using mobile money for a day, a week or a month.

Solar Panda sends a code to the customer using SMS.

Customer enters the code into the Solar Panda Control Unit.

The system works for the number of days paid for.

Once the customer has paid the full loan amount over 15 to 24 months, the kit unlocks permanently and payments stop.

Customers with a good credit record can upgrade and purchase additional products and services from Solar Panda.

Build Credit

Many of our customers have never had access to a bank and therefore have no financial credit history. Solar Panda is their first opportunity to build a credit history, thanks to our pay-as-you-go payment plan. This allows our creditworthy customers to purchase additional products and services in the future and continue to transform their lives.


Our affordable home systems provide families with critical electricity for a price they can afford. After making payments for some time our customers are eligible to upgrade their system to add exciting new appliances without the hassle and cost of buying a brand new system. They simply purchase the Solar Panda upgrade package and plug it in to their existing system to instantly enjoy exciting benefits like a TV.