Solar Panda and Azuri Technologies announce Servicing Agreement

Nairobi, Kenya

January 19, 2022

Solar Panda and Azuri Technologies have entered into an agreement for Solar Panda to service Azuri’s 50,000 active customers in Kenya who are currently paying for their financed solar home systems.  Additionally, Azuri’s extensive team of sales agents will be transitioned to Solar Panda.


The deal increases the number of active customers under management by Solar Panda by 50% and ensures Azuri’s customers continue to benefit from their lighting and TV systems.  The addition of Azuri’s sales team will accelerate Solar Panda’s growth and allow it to further its goal of providing life-changing solar home systems and appliances to off-grid Kenyans.


Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri, said “The deal between Solar Panda and Azuri will continue Azuri’s commitment to expanding the availability of solar power in Kenya, and allow Azuri customers to continue receiving top notch customer service.”


Andy Keith, CEO of Solar Panda, said “Solar Panda has grown rapidly in Kenya since launching 4 years ago.  Almost 1 million Kenyans now enjoy the economic and health benefits that come from access to affordable electricity.  We are excited this deal allows us to accelerate our growth, making us one of the leading solar companies in Kenya.”


The terms of the deal were not disclosed.


About Solar Panda

Solar Panda, headquartered in Canada and Nairobi, launched in late 2017 and manufactures and sells Solar Home Systems that include lights, mobile charging, and television through its network of 33 shops across Kenya.  Now in 180,000 homes, Solar Panda is bringing clean, affordable electricity to rural communities in Kenyan.  Solar Panda was named as Canada’s 3rd fastest growing company in 2021.


About Azuri Technologies

Azuri Technologies is a leading provider of affordable pay-as-you-go solar home systems to off-grid consumers across Africa. Combining the latest solar innovation and mobile payment technology, Azuri delivers reliable, renewable and distributed power to the millions who have no access to modern powered services.